Bridal makeup artist as recommended by Tatler Magazine

As a professional bridal makeup artist with many years of experience and many happy clients my mobile wedding makeup services are available in London and the South East. I only use luxury products which are perfect for sensitive skin, flawless makeup and creating that all important look that will last all day. From natural to glamorous (with or without airbrush makeup) I can create any look for your big day.

MimiD Makeup Gallery

Bridal Makeup
  1. Bridal Makeup
  2. Bridal Makeup
  3. Bridal Makeup
  4. Bridal Makeup
  5. Bridal Makeup
  6. Bridal Makeup
  7. Bridal Makeup
  8. Bridal Makeup
  9. Bridal Makeup
  10. Bridal Makeup
  11. Bridal Makeup
  12. Bridal Makeup
  13. Bridal Makeup
  14. Bridal Makeup
  15. Bridal Makeup
  16. Bridal Makeup
  17. Bridal Makeup
  18. Bridal Makeup
  19. Bridal Makeup
  20. Bridal Makeup
  21. Bridal Makeup
  22. Bridal Makeup
  23. Bridal Makeup
  24. Bridal Makeup
  25. Bridal Makeup
  26. Bridal Makeup
  27. Bridal Makeup
  28. Bridal Makeup
  29. Bridal Makeup
  30. Bridal Makeup
  31. Bridal Makeup
  32. Bridal Makeup
  33. Bridal Makeup
  34. Bridal Makeup
  35. Bridal Makeup
  36. Bridal Makeup
  37. Bridal Makeup
  38. Bridal Makeup
  39. Bridal Makeup
  40. Bridal Makeup
  41. Bridal Makeup
  42. Bridal Makeup
  43. Bridal Makeup
  44. Bridal Makeup
  45. Bridal Makeup
  46. Bridal Makeup
  47. Bridal Makeup
  48. Bridal Makeup
  49. 'Tatler Magazine' Bridal Makeup

    Health and Beauty Director Olivia Falcon
    Olivia Falcon makeup preparation
  50. 'Tatler Magazine' Bridal Makeup

    Health and Beauty Director Olivia Falcon
    'Tatler Magazine' Health and Beauty Director Olivia Falcon
  51. 'Tatler Magazine' Bridal Makeup

    Health and Beauty Director Olivia Falcon
    'Tatler Magazine' Health and Beauty Director Olivia Falcon
  52. 'Tatler Magazine' Bridal Makeup

    Health and Beauty Director Olivia Falcon
    'Tatler Magazine' Health and Beauty Director Olivia Falcon
  53. Bride with red flowers
  54. Bridal Makeup
  55. Bridal Makeup
  56. Bridal Makeup
  57. Makeup Trial

    Natural tones
    The bridal party with the bride & groom
  58. Natural bridal makeup
    Beautifil bride in her vail
  59. Bridal Makeup by MimiD Makeup
  60. Bridal Makeup
  61. Wedding Makeup by MimiD Makeup
  62. Wedding Makeup by MimiD Makeup
  63. Wedding Makeup by MimiD Makeup
  64. Bridal Makeup for Mo in London
  65. Bridesmaid Farrah in green dress
  66. Groom, bride and guests outside venue
  67. Bride and guest with flowers
  68. Beautiful bride with champagne
  69. Mother of the bride
  70. Bride and groom
  71. Lisa from Manchester
    Lisa in black and white
  72. Bride (Lisa) and groom (Stuart)
  73. Michelle from Tunbridge Wells

    Natural Bridal Makeup
    Michelle's Wedding in Tunbridge Wells
  74. Bride and bridesmaid
  75. Mother of the bride
  76. Looking down on the bride in white
  77. MimiD Makeup preparation
  78. Bride in progress
  79. Bride in back of the car
  80. Bridesmaids at the alter
  81. Black & white guest at wedding
  82. Emma from Essex

    Requested more emphasise on the eyes
    Dave and Emma from Essex
  83. Emma from Essex

    Emma outside the church
  84. Bride with flowers
  85. Aude Claire from Surrey

    Aude Claire from Surrey
  86. Bridal makeup preprations before the big day
  87. Young bridesmaid
  88. Bridal preparations
  89. The bridal party
  90. The bridal party
  91. Preparation of the bride
  92. Wedding day makeup preparation in action
  93. Bridal makeup near completion
  94. The bridal party with the bride & groom
  95. Bride and Bridesmaids Makeup

    Use of stonger colours on the lips
    Bride with bridesmaids
  96. Bride and Bridesmaids Makeup

    Use of stonger colours on the lips
    Bride with bridesmaids
  97. Bride and groom signing the book
  98. Guests with the bride
  99. Finalising the makeup preparations on location
  100. A bride and her bridesmaids
  101. Bride with mother and bridesmaids
  102. Zoe Bridal Makeup in Sevenoaks

    Zoe preparations on location in Sevenoaks
  103. Zoe from Sevenoaks

    Zoe from Sevenoaks
  104. Zoe from Sevenoaks

    Zoe from Sevenoaks
  105. Zoe - Bridal Party

    Zoe's Bridal Party
  106. Zoe from Sevenoaks

    Zoe and Tom
  107. Finishing touches to the preparations
  108. Bride and groom first dance
  109. Bride and groom first dance
  110. Preparations on location
  111. Makeup in action
  112. Makeup mirror shot
  113. Natural bridal makeup on older lady
  114. Bride and groom sitting
  115. Makeup preparations
  116. Makeup preparations
  117. Father and the bride
  118. Bride and groom first dance
  119. Close up of bride in vail
  120. Just the bride
  121. Natural light bridal picture
  122. Bride and her daughter
  123. Group wedding picture
  124. Bride and bridal party
  125. Bride in blue with hat
  126. Bride and groom signing the book
  127. Helen - Asian Brial Makeup
  128. Helen - Asian Brial Makeup
  129. Helen - Asian Brial Makeup
  130. Helen - Asian Brial Makeup
  131. Bridal Makeup
  132. Bridal Makeup
  133. Bridal Makeup
  134. Bridal Makeup
  135. Bridal Makeup
  136. Bridal Makeup
  137. Bridal Makeup
  138. Bridal Makeup
  139. Bridal Makeup
  140. Bridal Makeup
  141. Bridal Makeup
  142. Bridal Makeup
  143. Bridal Makeup
  144. Bridal Makeup
  145. Bridal Makeup
  146. Bridal Makeup
  147. Bridal Makeup
  148. Bridal Makeup
  149. Bridal Makeup
  150. Bridal Makeup
  151. Bridal Makeup
  152. Bridal Makeup

Bridal Prices


£90 (2-3hours)

£45 per person


£45 per person

Airbrush Makeup
£10 per person

Flower Girls (10 or under)
£FREE (touch of makeup)

Your Trial Consultation

Your wedding consultation is very important. We'll run through some suggestions on how to choose the perfect look colours for you that will make you look radiant for your big day. Allow 2 hours.

The Wedding Day

I know that the big can day can be a bit stressful so I always turn up at your home or wedding venue in good time and I always use top quality products so with all that smiling you're going to be doing you can rest assured that your makeup will always look its best through out the day.

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Location and Areas Covered

I'm based in West Wickham BR4 0DH. Trains from Charing Cross, Waterloo, London Bridge take 35 minutes on average.

For a trial at yours please call to discuss.

I cover all of London, Surrey, and some areas of Kent and Essex. A small travelling charge may apply depending on location

Make a No Obligation Trial Consultation Enquiry

Recommened by Tatler
Luxury Eyelash Extensions
Nouveau semi permanent lash extensions

- Semi-permanent lash extensions
- Natural-looking, weightless and last.
- Nouveau certified
- £50

Call Myriam - 07932 657867


Olivia Falcon Wedding Makeup “Having worked in the beauty industry for over ten years, I am very privileged to know many of the world's top make-up artists, but when it came to the important issue of my own wedding make-up - there was no question - it was Myriam who was my first port of call. Not only is she supremely talented with a great eye, matching colours perfectly to suit your natural skin tone and really listening to what you want, she is a great friend and instantly calmed my nerves.
I would highly recommend her to any bride-to-be or for any occasion that requires a head-turning make-up look.”

-- Olivia Falcon Health and Beauty Director - Tatler Magazine

Olivia Hunt “I just wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for making us all look so beautiful. Really thank you so much. We had such a good day and evening and my make up looked the same at the end as it did at the beginning - it was amazing - everyone kept asking me if I had been touching it up as it stayed on so well.”

-- Olivia Hunt, Sevenoaks

Laura Hill “Myriam was wonderful during the wedding. A meticulous trial for me, my mum and bridesmaids, followed by calmness and professionalism on the wedding morning, the calmness definitely needed! I would highly recommend her to anyone, I believe my bridesmaid has already booked her! Also, of course, everyone’s makeup looked great. Thanks again.”

-- Laura Hill, London

Lisa - Wedding Make-up London I just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you so much for the make over you did for me on my wedding day 25-05-12. Not only did you make me feel like a million dollars, you were also there for me when I needed help when issues arose with my dress!!!!

The make up was immaculate - as commented on by so many of my guests and your professionalism outstanding. I can honestly say, having got to know you over the run up to my wedding, not only are you passionate about your work, but you are a genuinely fun, caring person and liked by all who meet you.

Once again - thank you for everything. All our love and best wishes...

-- Deb, Laura and Hollie